Michael Loevinsohn

Michael Loevinsohn, who joined IDS in October 2009, is an ecologist and epidemiologist. He has worked for many years at the interface between environment, rural society and health, seeking to throw light on the dynamics of systems undergoing rapid change.

Often this has involved making use of natural experiments. In each case, the work has suggested opportunities for multiple benefits from more equitable and durable environmental management.

Current interests include:

  • Assessing emerging structures of health and environmental risk in intensifying livestock production systems and identifying alternative pathways (China and SE Asia).
  • Using extreme events as natural experiments to assess and enhance resilience in rural livelihoods and institutions (S. and SE Asia, eastern Africa).
  • Evaluating multi-centred innovation in agriculture with evolutionary and network models; supporting learning and adaptation in multi-actor initiatives in agriculture and nutrition (S and SE Asia, eastern and southern Africa).
  • Documenting and overcoming the consequences of restricted interaction among disciplinary and practice communities in designing, implementing and evaluating complex interventions – water, sanitation and hygiene; agriculture and ecosystem management; HIV prevention and control.

Before joining IDS, Michael directed Applied Ecology Associates in the Netherlands. Earlier, he worked with the CGIAR, IDRC and FAO.

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